Kranky Records :: 20th Anniversary Mixtape

How's this for an insane mix? From Labradford to Stars of the Lid to Deerhunter to Belong, slide into this 20th anniversary mixtape (via The Quietus) and get acquainted with some of the best experimental and ambient music in the country. Would have been nice to see Jessamine and Disappears on this but shit, man, I didn't make it.


1. Labradford - 'New Listening' (from Prazision LP)
2. Bowery Electric - 'Black Light' (from Beat)
3. Low - 'Will The Night' (from Songs For A Dead Pilot)
4. Jessica Bailiff - 'Crush' (from Hour Of The Trace)
5. Stars Of The Lid - 'Requiem For Dying Mothers, part 2' (from The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid)
6. Keith Fullerton 'track3a (2waynice)' (from Playthroughs)
7. Loscil - 'Lucy Dub' (from First Narrows)
8. Growing - 'Anaheim II' (from The Soul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light)
9. Chris Bissonnette - 'Travelling Light' (from Periphery)
10. Benoit Pioulard - 'Together And Down' (from Precis)
11. Deerhunter - 'Like New' (from Fluorescent Grey)
12. Valet - 'Kehaar' (Naked Acid)
13. Tim Hecker - 'Paragon Point' (from An Imaginary Country)
14. Felix - 'Where Is My Dragon?' (from You Are The One I Pick)
15. Boduf Songs - 'I Am Going Away And I Am Never Coming Back' (from This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything)
16. Belong - 'Keep Still' (from Common Era)
17. Dreamscape - 'Cradle' (from La-Di-Da Recordings)
18. Grouper - 'Being Her Shadow' (from The Man Who Died In His Boat)

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