The Juan Maclean :: Thump MIX

Check out this fantastic House mix from The Juan Maclean -- download through the Soundcloud player below. The track IDs can be found over at the original posting location (Thump).

The Juan Maclean's In a Dream full-length is due on September 18 through DFA. You can also catch him DJing at HARD FEST this weekend in South El Monte, not a bad drive from the heart of Los Angeles.

S. Maharba :: Daughters

S. Maharba returns with "Daughters". No info offered on whether this is from a forthcoming release or single, but it is unreleased. If you're new to his music go and dig around the SM Bandcamp page, you'll be blown away.

ZHU :: Cocaine Model

L.A.'s own ZHU got a bit of ink for the single/video "Faded" earlier this year but "Cocaine Model", which can be found on the same six-song EP release NIGHTDAY, has more of the slow burning deep house color that I'm so drawn to.

Gems :: Scar

Another great band putting their spin on Cocteau Twins' amazing dream pop collage (also, check out the stunning Ashrae Fax), listen to Gems' gorgeous new track "Scar" below. The band is in Los Angeles this week and will play No Vacancy tonight and Los Globos tomorrow.

SOSMIX 7.22.14

This Electric Youth single is arguably the best pure pop/club track of the year so far. Feels for miles. Babies will be conceived within seconds of the first chorus.

Electric Youth :: Runaway

Coming September 30 through the always solid Secretly Canadian label is Electric Youth's debut album, Innerworld. It features the soaring and undeniable single "Runaway", which I cannot seem to stop listening to. The duo of Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick have mastered the art of "feel", tapping into a very specific, imaginative, and wide-screen world with synthesizers and deep club rhythms. And although "Runaway" will transport you to a different time (80's pop/new wave) it's Griffin's weightless voice that could exist in any era. Amazing work. (via)

Viet Cong :: Bunker Buster (Rough Mix)

I'm a massive fan of the defunct Calgary band Women. Viet Cong just re-released its first EP, previously a cassette-only release but now in MP3 and vinyl format thanks to the great Mexican Summer label. However, this non-EP track entitled "Bunker Buster" is the shit. Note that the band employs ex-Women member Matt Flegel so this track drips with the ghosts and fog of their previous band. It's fucking uncanny. More of this please.

Mt. Si. :: Oh

Who is this? No info on Mt. Si. anywhere, but this track is heaven and was re-posted by RAC. Download at Bandcamp.