Ringo Deathstarr :: Big Bopper :: Stream

So many new shoegaze acts re-tread and recycle the same patterns. There's very little energy or bounce to it, and that's what's desperately needed from melodioc rock across the board. This unreleased track, "Big Bopper", from Austin's Ringo Deathstarr is what I'm talking about. More of this please.

"Big Bopper" was originally released through 80N7's All American Edition on cassette and download two weeks ago.

Beacon :: Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix) :: Stream

When a new track pinpoints exactly how you're feeling and simultaneously reaches back to a year or event and what the state of music was at that time (Everything But the Girl), that's this moody and glorious Beacon single.

Beacon's L1 EP is out now via Ghostly International.

Viet Cong :: Silhouettes/Continental Shelf :: Stream

The finale of Viet Cong's seven-song debut album begins with the these two tracks, back-to-back here and on the full-length, then ending with a gigantic guitar rush of noise pop that stretches on for miles, but you'll have to buy the record to hear that.
And here's the video for "Continental Shelf" below, directed by Yoohna Park.

SOSMIX 1.7.15

This mix/playlist is long overdue. Sometimes you have to disappear for a couple of months and hit the reset button, then get back on your feet.

Matrixxman :: Nubian Metropolis EP

Oh, you know how much I love Matrixxman...

New four-track EP dropping January 12 through Dekmantel -- for your streaming pleasure below.

Pomo :: The Other Day EP

FINALLY, spending time with Pomo's latest EP and it's a space-funk/conception-wave slice of heaven. Definitely one of my fave artists/producers right now. Dig.