Grimes :: REALiTi (Unreleased) :: Video

Here's an unreleased cut from Grimes "lost album". It's much better than she thinks as the artist spoke on Twitter how it wouldn;t have made the full-length, if that had even happened. Regardless, Grimes is such a natural with vocal melodies and vocal layering, listen/watch below. The chorus has such an undeniable early-Madonna feel.

SOSMIX 3.4.15

A vibrant mix full of deep, deep cuts ending with a powerful closing statement -- purportedly an unreleased Aphex Twin track -- that is supremely gutting.

Tom Demac :: Smoked Stained Ivories

Smokin' tech-house oozing with mood. Get the fuck out of here with this label they are sooo consistent.

Hot Chip :: Huarache Lights :: Video

From Hot Chip's forthcoming album, Why Make Sense?, here's the brand new video for album track "Huarache Lights". The full-length is due May 18 through Domino. I like this heavier more minimal direction. Don't fuck this up, Hot Chip!

Death and Vanilla :: California Owls

Brand new Death and Vanilla was premiered at i-D today in the form of  the lighter, more sweet-tasting pop of "California Owls". Also coming your way this Spring is the band's new full-length, To Where the Wild Things Are, due May 4 through Fire Records.